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Video Editing

A short video on your website can be a real attention grabber.

We can edit video footage that you provide to create videos of any length and complexity.

We will work with you to create exactly the video you want.

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Photo Editing

We will edit your photos to your specifications. Anything from simple cropping to color grading to complex editing. All work is done by actual humans, so no weird AI generated hallucinations.

Location Shoots

If you need high quality photos or videos to use on your site, we can schedule a photoshoot to provide exactly what you need.

Located in the greater Washington, DC area.

Website Design

If you would like a website that will stand out from the templates that are so often used, we can design a website to your specifications. Customizations include color palates, fonts, and editing of any information. We will work with you until your site is exactly as you want it.

Sample Photo Editing

Click to see some of our photography styles and editing.

Video Examples

Click to see some examples of our video productions and editing.


DeLizzio Seligson Architects

This site highlights many of the firm's projects using thumbnail portfolio galleries.


A site for clinical psychologists and other therapists. It offers explanations of the various types of therapy available.

Frequent Questions

If you are feeling overwhelmed with choices we are here to help.  We will  begin with an in-depth discussion to determine exactly what you need from us. We will build a temporary “staging” site that will not be visible to the general public, and display our work for you there. Once you are happy with all aspects of the design, we will transfer it to you or the location you specify.

Expenses are always a major factor in everyone’s mind – and rightly so. The short answer is that every project is different, so there is no set price for our work. Cost depends on the degree of customization and time spent.  Once we have an idea of what you would like, we will know how much work is involved, and will be able to quote you a price.

Work will not begin until we have a mutual agreement on costs.

Absolutely. This is YOUR project. We will design and edit to your liking.

Congrats on your decision to move forward. We will start with an email discussion of exactly what you would like us to produce. If we are designing your website, you will let us know what things you want to include, along with preferred colors, fonts, specific text.If we are editing your photos or videos, you will need to tell us how you want them cropped or other editing adjustments. We will load the work onto a sample site for you to review and discuss any changes. Once everything is to your liking, we will transfer it to you or the location you specify.

Once you have decided on what you want for the finished project we can usually show you the preview within 1 to 2 weeks. This time may be shorter or longer, depending on current workloads.

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